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Paperweights with photos of your choice

The production of paperweights was terminated. Thank you for your understanding

Glass paperweights have been created in the Czech Republic for more than 150 years. Today, the charm of handicraft competes with the precision of modern technology. We have decided to go with tradition. Only a real photo sealed in a piece of noble crystal glass can truly preserve a memory and the associated emotions.

A luxury KOŤARA Original glass paperweight with your own photograph will become a token that will be inherited from generation to generation. As a reminder of old times, old loves and friendships, and the masterly art of old glassmakers.

Paperweight for preserving your memories

Even the most beautiful memories fade over time. We offer you the option to preserve your memories beautiful for a lifetime – thanks to a photo sealed in a piece of clear crystal glass.

Original piece from Czech glass

Paperweights from our workshop are handmade from one piece of Bohemian crystal. They are UV stable, have a diameter of 95 mm, and you will receive your paperweight in a gift box. An original piece just for you!

Secrets of old glassmakers

The exact procedure of the making of historical photo paperweights remains our secret. It took us several years to find our own way. The art of old glassmakers has been revived.

What memories can a photo paperweight preserve?

Crystal glass adds depth to photos and your memory will become brighter. Preserve your memories forever:

  • Birth of a child or grandchild
  • Wedding or wedding anniversary
  • Deceased loved ones, parents or grandparents
  • Old friends and classmates
  • Animal friends
  • Artistic and sports idols
  • Birthplace or a favourite place
  • Travel memories
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Graduation
  • Sporting achievements and victories
  • Original gift for Valentine’s Day


An original paperweight made of crystal glass with photo of your choice will also serve as a luxury corporate gift and promotional item for your company, hotel, or restaurant.


Each KOŤARA Original paperweight is packaged in a gift box.

Frequently asked questions and answers

How can I order a paperweight with a photo of my choice?

  1. Upload your photo using the order form and fill in the required information. You can also send us a brief description and date that you would like to add to the photo.
  2. After we check the photo, we will send you a confirmation that we will create your paperweight, and you will confirm your binding order by sending us a deposit of 50% of the product price.
  3. When the paperweight is ready, we will send you a picture of it and ask you to pay the remaining amount. Thereupon, we will send you the product in a gift box. The transport cost will be calculated individually according to destination of delivery.

What photos are better for a paperweight – black-and-white or colour?

Both black-and-white and colour photographs are a good choice for a paperweight. Colour photos can be converted to black-and-white.

Will the colours in the photo be the same as on my monitor?

The process of casting a photo in glass takes place at a high temperature of 1,150°C, during which the colour of the photo can slightly change (although not necessarily). Therefore, please do not expect that the photo in your paperweight will be of the absolutely same colour and quality as on your monitor. Complaints of this nature will not be considered.

Can I also send you a printed photo?

We use digital photos to craft paperweights. Please do not send us classic printed photographs. If you have only a commemorative printed photograph, please get a good scan or photocopy of it.

How long does it take to create a custom paperweight?

The manufacturing of custom paperweights in our glasswork must be planned. we create paperweights once a month. If you plan to give a paperweight as a gift, please place your order well in advance. We will inform you of the expected date of delivery.

I need a gift as soon as possible. What should I do?

We will send you a gift voucher and create a paperweight for you additionally.