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Bohemia crystal & glass consulting

Do you look for suitable Czech manufacture and supplier of Bohemia crystal or glass?

You are on the right place. Do not hesitate send us message with your request and we will help you to find the best factory for your project or business.


In our portfolio are:

  • 2 factories for lead crystal
  • 1 for lead free crystal
  • 4 small art glass studios
  • 1 for glass lighting
  • 1 workshop for luxury glass jewels
  • 1 processing borosilicate glass


More about service:

We acquired many experience and mainly friendly contacts in different kind of glass branches and factories. We have established close cooperation with big Czech glass factories and on the other way also with small studio workshops which can be difficult to find, communicate and begin fruitful cooperation. We are able to offer you competitive prices as you be a big business player or long term business partner. Find suitable manufacturer for your projects or provide you summary bulk offer from different suppliers. If you place orders in a few companies we can arrange one bulk consignment and save your money and time. In my portfolio are 6 factories for lead crystal, one for lead free crystal, 4 small art glass studios, 1 factory for glass lighting and 1 workshop for luxury glass jewels. Feel free contact me with any question.


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