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RAYZIST Photomask

Sandblasting photoresist films for making sandblasting stencils

All types of photoresist films RAYZIST Photomask are washout and re-positionable films with different thickness which you can produce detailed masks with, they are suitable for sandblasting of all common types of glass, ceramics, metals, stones, plastics and other materials.

thickness / description


SR3000 - logo

SR 3000

SR2000 - logo

SR 2000



adhesive must be applied

3 mil = 76 microns
fine detailed motives, halftone
glass, crystal

Prezident USA-logo

4 mil = 102 microns
detailed motives, deeper sandblasting
different materials


5 mil = 127 microns
less detailed motives
hard materials, wine bottles


6 mil = 152 microns
granite, stone

RAYZIST Photomask R-logo

9 mil = 229 microns
deep lettering
for stonemasons

Photoresist self-stick film SR3000 3 mil for sandblasting

  • the most used type of film, still available in our stock
  • the roll is 30,5 cm wide and 30,5 m long
  • the film thickness is 76 μm, it is suitable for sandblasting of the glass
  • washout with pressure water
  • blue color

Essential information for skilled users of photoresist films for sandblasting

Exposure time of photoresist film in exposure unit

We suggest to exposure RAYZIST film SR3000 half time than you are used to the competitive films.

For example: When use an exposure unit with 6 x 20W performance, the time of exposure of the SR3000 film is only 6-8 seconds.


The best way how to washout the RAYZIST film SR3000 is by gun with spray nozzle with water pressure 60–90 psi (4-6 bars), from 5 – 10 cm distance according to detailed artwork.


Dry the stencils according to current room condition, e.g. 20-40 min. 

Application tips

  1. Slightly bend the edge of blue layer side for easier removal of the clear cover film.
  2. If the film does not stick enough, revive stickiness by breathing or light “steam” over water steam.
  3. When apply the stencil, it is appropriate to press the stencil sufficiently with your thumb or burnisher.
  4. You can reposition the stencil repeatedly until you are satisfied with its position.
  5. Use “bubbleEx” to remove air bubbles and break up the microfilm.


Why have I never heard about RAYZIST Photomask?

US company RAYZIST Photomask, Inc. is an exclusive producer of sandblasting films and equipment more than 30 years. Although RAYZIST Photomask is a successful manufacturer and supplier of sandblasting products all over the world, it entered the European market in last decade after the end of the licensing period of a competing brand.

Can I order a photoresist films directly from the American manufacturer?

Unfortunately it is not possible. RAYZIST Photomask has its own distributor for each market. Kotara s.r.o became an exclusive distributor and importer of RAYZIST Photomask products for the Czech Republic since 2016.

What are the advantages of the photoresist films?

RAYZIST Photomask photoresist UV-films are characterized by:

  1. durable for all types sandblasting techniques
  2. universal for detailed artwork and curved surfaces
  3. fast exposure
  4. quick washout
  5. self-stick (SR3000) and repositonable
  6. multi-stage carving
  7. fast clean up
  8. suitable for infill colors
  9. stable quality
  10. efficiency of work
  11. cost effective
  12. made in the USA

What are the different types of photoresist films?


– classic wash out, self-adhesive, photoresist films, which are available in three different thicknesses. Engraving stencils from these films are repositionable and designated for detailed engraving of various glossy materials. Special adhesive Rz-2 can be applied to increase adhesion for sandblasting matt surfaces.

76 μm (3 mil)

– ideal for fine detailed artworks and engraving of halftone photos on materials such as crystal, glass, hard metals, acrylics and plastics

102 μm (4 mil)

– for deeper and deep sandblasting of detailed artworks

127 μm (5 mil)

– for deep sandblasting of less detailed motives into hard materials such as wine bottles


152 μm (6 mil)

– this type of photoresist film is not self-adhesive. After the engraving mask is dried and before its applying is necessary to apply Rz -2 adhesive, which we also supply. After application of the adhesive, it becomes a highly adhesive engraving mask and it can be even used on unpolished stones. Engraving masks made from this film are suitable for very deep engraving of hard materials.

229 μm (9 mil)

– it is an durable sandblasting film for stonemasons, for making lettering and art works for monuments, granite, stones and other very hard materials

What happens if there are  problems with quality?

First of all, we consult with you where is the problem and we try to remove it together. If there is a problem with the quality of the film, we will replace the material or refund the amount of unused film to you.

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