Video tutorials

Tips and tricks for producing sandblasting stencils from photoresit films


What you can see in this instruction video about sandblasting:

  • 0:40: exposure of the photoresist film
  • Two ways to washout the film
    • 1:35: using an automatic washout system
    • 2:45: hand washout method 
  • 4:48: demonstration of dry of sandblasting stencil
  • 4:55: application of sandblast stencil on a glass
  • 7:08: glass sandblasting
  • 7:55: removing of sandblast stencil

Application of sandblasting stencil on a curved surface:

  • 0:10: preparation of the stencil according to the shape of the sandblasted surface
    • create a curve for the correct cut of the stencil
    • 0:20: application of sandblasting stencil to martini glass

Sandblasting of photo with using photoresist film:

  • 0:25: exposure of the photoresist film
  • 1:25: manual washout of exposured photoresist film
  • 1:53: check the washouted of sandblasting stencil for sandblasting the photo

Print from a laser printer must be fully opaque

  • this prevent long time washout and faults caused by poor print quality
  • magicDark is used to increase the covering of the print

A few words of the founder of Rayzist Photomask Randy Willis

Randy Willis, the owner of Rayzist Photomask, shares his personal experiences when he began to do business and how he overcame difficult times. Randy also talks about what he is thankful for after 34 years in business. This video message was created for the Thanksgiving Day 2016.